Cheap loans for employees in the public service are welcome customers at banks

Public sector employees, like civil servants, are welcome customers at banks. The reason is to be found in their good creditworthiness and in a secure job. Cheap loans for civil servants are not uncommon and are offered by almost all banks. The workplace is one of the most crisis-proof jobs ever. The good reputation of this professional group also increases the chances of getting a loan.

Of course, employees in the public service are also affected by restructuring and transformations in the workplace. But the employee need not be afraid that he will be fired. In such cases, it will be posted elsewhere on the same terms. If there are no misconduct during the professional years, employees in the public service can remain in the workplace until they retire.

Cheap Loans for Public Service Employees

Cheap Loans for Public Service Employees

Even if public sector employees are welcome customers at banks and receive cheap loans for public sector employees, there are big differences between the providers. This leads to the conclusion that a free loan comparison is also crucial for this professional group in order to receive cheap loans for employees in the public service. The interest rate charged to customers is generally very low,

The reason lies in the occupational risk that the public sector employees turn out to be very low because, unlike other borrowers, these people repay their loans very punctually. The loan offers are diverse, the credit model with interest rates dependent on creditworthiness is particularly advantageous. If you have a good to very good credit rating, you benefit from the greenest interest rate. However, as with all borrowers, the Credit Bureau must also be in order. Experience has shown, however, that only a few employees in the public service have negative entries.

Borrowers who do not work in the public service have to pay significantly higher interest rates with poor creditworthiness and with a credit-dependent loan.
Favorable loans for employees in the public sector can be applied for at the house bank, another branch bank or at the direct banks on the Internet. For this group of people there is also the official loan, which has particularly favorable conditions as an installment loan. It is characterized by low interest rates, higher loan amounts and long terms.

The civil servant loan, on the other hand, is paid through a life insurance. The borrower only transfers the interest to the bank and the insurance contributions at the same time. If the loan term ends, the insurance also expires. The money saved can then repay the remaining loan amount. This form of credit is also called a final loan. This insurance also counts as protection against death.

Many banks offer the official loan. The target group can be clearly identified. As mentioned before, civil servants can also choose between the civil servant loan and the civil servant loan. The difference can be seen in the payment of the loans. Both are cheap, both have the conditions that cheap loans for public employees can expect. The long term of these loans is particularly advantageous, and affordable installments arise.

Maturities of 10 years or 20 years are not uncommon with these loans. Anyone applying for cheap loans for public sector employees will go through the same credit checks as other borrowers. Income is put to the test, the Credit Bureau is queried and proof of employment in the public service is requested. Civil servants should also be sure that they can pay the loan applied for.

This becomes visible with a budget. Revenue is offset against expenditure and there should be financial leeway. Regardless of which loan, whether civil servant loan or civil servant loan or just a normal installment loan, the employee in the public service decides, he receives favorable conditions everywhere.

The conditions – long terms and higher loan amounts

The conditions - long terms and higher loan amounts

Public sector employees not only have a crisis-proof job, but they also receive sick pay for an illness longer. The health insurance company will only take over the payments after six months of being ill. Of course, this has an effect on the interest rate. The long terms and higher loan amounts, as well as the fixed low interest rate make these cheap loans manageable for employees in the public service.

Nevertheless, a credit comparison should be made as described above. Because even with a cheap loan there are differences in interest rates. Anyone who thinks what is 1% savings in interest is wrong, even with half a percent less interest there is a significant saving. The creditworthiness check must also be good for employees in the public service. The income must be above the seizure allowance.

The disposition have a good credit rating

Public sector employees who generally have a good credit rating can also freely use the overdraft facility provided by banks. The overdraft facility can be used in full or only occasionally. The repayment is flexible, but should be done. If there is an overdraft facility without the customer paying any of his salary, the interest due will add up to a considerable mountain of debt.

That’s how many loan offers you get


The overdraft facility should only be used to bridge short-term financial bottlenecks. Even if an urgent invoice has to be paid immediately and the account is empty, the overdraft facility can be used. The advantage of the overdraft facility is that it can always be used and is often easily topped up. However, the interest rate level is not the same as that which would otherwise be offered to an employee in the public service.

The interest rate is significantly higher, and here, too, a civil servant must expect a double-digit interest rate. This is where the consideration begins, should the overdraft facility be used or, better, the substantially cheaper installment loan. The amount of the overdraft facility is based on regular cash receipts, which is the case with a public employee. As a rule, up to three net monthly salaries are provided.

The employer

The employer

Banks require additional collateral from some loan seekers. Favorable loans for public sector employees only need to provide their proof of salary and their employer. It does not matter whether the employee is a teacher or a police officer, the employer is the state and therefore the safest job.


When to take out a loan to pay debts?

Overdue accounts and running interest, in these circumstances several options arise to return to have a balanced financial life. If you have been negative for some time, you probably have heard from a friend or family member that taking out a loan to pay off debts is the best strategy. However, borrowing money is still a debt too, isn’t it?

Undoubtedly being in debt is a situation that takes many people’s sleep. In some cases, applying for a loan can help resolve a financial issue, but this is not a suitable solution for any crisis that arises in your household budget.

Thinking about the relevance of this topic, we prepared this post to assist you in deciding whether or not it is worth taking out a loan to pay debts. Continue reading and check it out!

What is the importance of understanding the loan to pay debts?


Be it unforeseen, or the lack of planning, it is not difficult to find people who are experiencing some financial difficulty. Given this scenario, the first thought that comes to mind is “I’m going to take a loan to catch up with the bills”. In general, this can be a good solution to reduce your expenses, provided it is chosen with care.

There are several types of loans available in the market, however, before making this decision, it is important to identify the reason for your debt and how long it is open.

That is if you owe the revolving credit card and the overdraft, for example, it is indicated to resort to a loan with cheaper interest to pay off debt than to be paying abusive interest.

When is it worth taking out a loan?


While resorting to loans at times is not the best alternative, in certain situations, it may be worth using them to solve the problem. For this reason, it is important to adjust the outstanding debts to your financial reality, since any misstep can worsen the situation, resulting in more debt.

Here are some tips that will help you choose whether or not to take out a loan to pay off debts.

Overdue debts

As already mentioned, if you owe the overdraft, you are consequently paying some of the highest interest rates on the market. In addition, the more the days pass, your debt will grow at an alarming rate thanks to the high charges that are charged.

If that’s the case, you need to act now. Search for loan types that offer lower interest rates. Thus, an option is the payroll loan – the amount of the installments is discounted directly from the payroll.

However, if you do not want to choose to make a payroll loan, you can choose the personal loan, which, despite charging higher interest rates, still has lower rates when compared to credit card and an overdraft.

Avoid the dirty name

Who has been negative for a long time, probably has restrictions on the registration of individuals? This situation, in addition to being uncomfortable, causes the individual to be prevented from doing several things, such as financing and even obtaining credit in the market.

Thus, applying for a loan is a good alternative to avoid a dirty name. Regardless of the option chosen, in order to have a balanced financial life, it is necessary to use strategies, such as the household budget, to keep the accounts in order.

Real estate financing


If you have a mortgage and the installments are overdue, the first step is to try to renegotiate the debt since failure to pay can cause the loss of the asset. However, if the institution offers high rates, you can seek better credit options and thus pay cheaper installments.

Do you know how to refinance debt?

Debt refinancing is the best way out for people who have lost control of their accounts and are no longer able to pay certain debts due to interest rates. If you have this problem, don’t worry, this is quite common and most people have already gone through this type of situation.

The good news is that debt refinancing offers a number of benefits to defaulters, preventing them from having their name restricted in credit protection services and paying undue interest.

Want to know more about how debt refinancing works? Then check out the post we created especially on the subject!

What is debt refinancing and how does it work?

 What is debt refinancing and how does it work?

Imagine that you have reached the limit of your credit card, but you cannot pay the full amount of the invoice and only pay the minimum amount. So, each month there is a revolving interest charge on the amount that was not paid, not to mention fines.

Debt refinancing allows you to renegotiate the debt with the credit card company, paying the bill in installments that fit in your pocket, with a lower interest rate than paying the minimum bill every month. This type of service can be done in the case of using overdraft, loans and other accounts.

How does debt refinancing work?

How does debt refinancing work?

Generally, the creditor himself contacts the indebted person offering an agreement, but the defaulter can also contact the company and inform him that he would like to refinance the debt.

But some companies offer the option for the customer to do the simulation and contract the refinancing through online platforms, where he can choose how many installments he wants to pay the agreement and print the payment slip for payment in the system itself.

When the agreement is made and the debtor has a negative name, his name is removed from the credit protection services register shortly after the payment of the first installment.

Is it worth refinancing a debt?

Is it worth refinancing a debt?

Well, it depends on the agreement offered by the creditor. Overdraft and loans have very high interest rates, and in some cases, even when the debt is negotiated, the customer can still pay a much higher amount than is due to the company.

However, if you have a debt and are unable to afford the monthly installments, the best option is to refinance so that the account does not become a “snowball” and you are unable to pay.

So, if the creditor company offers a fair deal, it is worth refinancing a debt. First, because you prevent your name from being added to credit protection services or being removed, if it is already negative, and second, because you pay lower interest rates and have credit in the market again.

What are the advantages of refinancing a debt?

What are the advantages of refinancing a debt?

In addition to the tranquility of knowing that there are no debts growing in your name and not having that hassle of companies calling all the time to collect, refinance a debt and remain in default in the market offers many benefits. See some of them!

Hurry up and get a Swiss loan over 3500 USD.

Anyone applying for a loan in Germany must meet strict requirements. Three approval criteria are the signal for a loan. This is where income is put to the test, which should be above the garnishment exemption limit. The Credit Bureau must not be burdened and the permanent position should have existed for at least one year and should not be limited.

If the customer can meet these conditions, the loan is approved. If you now have a good income and a permanent job but have negative entries in your Credit Bureau, you will hardly get a loan from a Cream bank, the way out is the Swiss loan of 3500 USD.

Information about the Swiss loan of 3500 USD

Information about the Swiss loan of 3500 USD

For many loan seekers, the possibility of being able to take out a Swiss loan of USD 3500 without having to pay Credit Bureau is like winning the lottery. If you have negative entries in your Credit Bureau, you not only get no credit, you also have to expect restrictions when looking for your dream apartment. Sign a new cell phone contract? With a negative Credit Bureau almost impossible.

A negative Credit Bureau entry creates restrictions in the entire financial business. A loan is not always taken out to fulfill the wish. Often there are urgent bills, the rent is pending or an urgent purchase has to be made. An upcoming car repair often has to be paid quickly and in cash. For many, the car is indispensable because it is the only way to get to work.

If you think that the customer can take the bus, they probably don’t know what the traffic connections are like outside the big cities. It is also often not possible to change apartments close to work, as rents in urban areas are hardly affordable for a normal earner.

If someone “only” needs 3500 USD, that shouldn’t be a big deal for a customer with normal creditworthiness. Many have access to the overdraft facility that banks provide to customers who have regular income. In many cases, however, the overdraft facility ends in an installment loan. Especially when the overdraft facility is only used without a small amount remaining, the overdraft facility adds up automatically, only on the basis of the overdraft interest that is in the two-digit range.

At the latest when the incoming salary no longer covers the overdraft facility, it is time for an installment loan, which the house bank refuses because the Credit Bureau shows negative entries. A cycle from which the customer comes with a Swiss loan of over 3500 USD. This form of credit does not require a Credit Bureau query because this institution is not known there. But the banks from abroad check other credit agencies to find out the creditworthiness of the customer.

On the one hand there is the ZEK – the central office for credit information, where all the loans approved in this country are noted. If a loan seeker comes up with the idea of ​​applying for the 3500 USDo loan twice because the amount of the loan seems too small for him, it will not go through. With the ZEK, the bank will see this process and may refuse the loan.

Foreign banks also inspect the public debt register. The serious negative entries of Credit Bureau are entered there. If a customer has a seizure, an oath of disclosure or an enforcement notice is pending, a Swiss loan of USD 3500 will not be approved.

The Credit Bureau-free Swiss loan over 3500 USD

The Credit Bureau-free Swiss loan over 3500 USD

The customer can find the Credit Bureau-free loans on the Internet and in the media. However, many customers will only find credit brokerages there that advertise foreign loans without Credit Bureau and domestic loans despite a bad Credit Bureau. The offers are very difficult to see and compare.

A daunting factor for many customers is the fact that there are many dubious credit brokers among the credit agencies. For example, if you want to pay upfront costs before a loan application is made, the customer should not hire this broker. In addition to the loan costs, there are also brokerage commissions.

Anyone who is already on the edge of the mountain of debt naturally wants to save costs. Anyone who contacts a reputable credit broker will only receive his success commission after the loan approval. A reputable credit broker has been in the financial market for many years, does not require any upfront costs and does not require the signing of dubious insurance contracts.

If you want a Swiss loan of over 3500 USD, you must have a sufficiently high income that is above the garnishment-free limit. In addition, and this is important, there must be a permanent job, which is not limited and does not include a trial period, the employment contract must exist for at least one year.

As mentioned before, there should be no serious negative entries in the Credit Bureau. Even if the advertising promises otherwise. Most of these advertisements are fictitious or come from dubious sources. Those who believe this advertising end up paying costs but have not received any credit.

The Swiss loan of 3500 USD has an interest rate of 11.62%, depending on the credit rating, even higher. The APR brings processing costs of 164 USD and the interest for the term. If the loan is paid normally and within the fixed terms of 40 months, the total interest cost is 574 USD.

For the 3500 USDo loan a total of 4238 USD will be repaid at a rate of 105.00 USD. Additional costs that are not included in the effective interest rate could still arise from external costs such as loan brokerage, cash payment or any certification costs.

Credit brokerage yes or no?

Credit brokerage yes or no?

When it comes to third-party fees, the credit broker pays most of the costs. The average guideline is around 3% of the loan amount, so that the Swiss loan has around 100 USD in fees. The customer must know whether someone is requesting a loan brokerage or would rather submit a loan application directly to the bank.

Especially when the customer submits the loan application directly to the bank, one or the other documents that lengthen the credit process can be missing. Anyone who engages a credit intermediary can assume that this will not happen, since all documents to be provided are recorded in advance.

It is also possible to get not only a Swiss loan with a credit intermediary, but also a loan despite Credit Bureau, which would possibly bring different loan offers. Thus the commission of the mediation would be justified.


Municipal employees: transfer of the fifth or agreed loans?

The municipal companies are generally private companies (but without an independent legal personality), which carry out their activities in a specific area on behalf of the municipality. In most cases there is talk of an economic body governed by public law which he hoped carries out an entrepreneurial activity.

This very particular condition often creates problems of interpretation on what the rights of employees of municipalized companies are and therefore also on the types of loans they can obtain.

Is the transfer of the fifth possible?

Is the transfer of the fifth possible?

When dealing with employees, both in the private and public sector, the possibility of accessing the assignment of a fifth of the salary is associated almost immediately. From this point of view, the employees of the municipalized companies are equalized in the same way as state, para-state and public employees. So if the duration of the contract with the company has the minimum conditions necessary to obtain the transfer, at least in theory there should be no problems.

Unfortunately, the conditional is a must, given that on balance many banks and financial institutions establish in a very specific way those subjects that can be considered financeable, also by virtue of the companies for which they work. Rome unfortunately is a fairly explanatory example of the difficulties that can be encountered due to the poor solidity of the company itself for which we work.

If in fact when you are a public employee of a ministry (or in general of a public administration) the aspect of financeability does not come into play, since the aspect of the “solidity” of the employer is not questioned, in front of the municipalized companies the situation changes.

Therefore, by summarizing the employees of the municipal offices of a given municipality, they will be able to be refused their request for the transfer of a fifth of the salary, simply because the company for which they work shows evident signs, or even only hints, of a condition of suffering.

Minimum requirements

Minimum requirements

Despite the fact that municipal companies have a “only 40%” participation by the state, bodies, etc., the same conditions are also applied for the possession of the minimum requirements, mostly applied to public employees who work for the public administration. In particular, seniority must be at least 3 months from the date of hiring.

Characteristics and conditions of the contracts

Characteristics and conditions of the contracts

The duration is imposed by law, therefore it ranges from a minimum of 24 to a maximum of 120 installments. For renewals, the limits imposed by law always apply, which also establishes those relating to the maximum age of the applicant. Whether for men or women, employees cannot exceed 70 years of age at the end of the contract. If you need more liquidity you can go up to 40% of the net salary (double fifth) by applying for a loan with a delegation of payment.

Personal loans: creditworthiness and model contract

Personal loans: creditworthiness and model contract

If you want to apply for any personal loan that is not a transfer of the fifth, or even in the case of a request for a loan aimed at the purchase of a certain asset (see Purchase car at zero rate), if you are a good payer ( with positive creditworthiness) and there is a contract with a good salary and a sufficient duration (for fixed-term ones) there are no obstacles that can limit access to credit.

With regard to the subsidized rates, it will be necessary to search among the conventions that normally municipal companies directly, or by intervention of the municipalities, usually enter into. These are normally extended to all those who fall within the “relationship dependency” radius, albeit quite widely.

Subsidized loans: how to do it?

Subsidized loans: how to do it?

Civil servants have a long history of benefits linked to various types of services, and among these, funding has always enjoyed a prominent condition. It is no coincidence that the assignment of the fifth was born for civil servants and private employees had to wait until 2010 for it to be extended to them (see also Transfer of the fifth private employee).

Despite this extension, better conditions are still available to civil servants, with higher amounts that can be requested and lower rates. To this type of advantage is added that of the Social Institute ex Government Agency loans, which however remain accessible only for those civil servants who have matured the requirements of seniority and contribution to the fund for credit and social benefits.

On the other hand, however, excellent “local” conditions can be obtained if you are an employee of the municipalized companies, thanks to the agreements that the banks that work in the area tend to stipulate. Here the only problem could be represented by the non-renewal of an agreement, which constitutes a limit only for those who must start a financing practice but not for those who already have the contract in their pocket and the money in their current account.

So before you start looking around you should see what is expected, between agreements and conventions, for that municipality or municipalized company. Only in the second instance should we look at what is offered to “public” employees and to which credit institutions provide this type of service also at national level.

In order to know in more detail the advantages connected to the loans advertised as “subsidized”, the thing to always do is to request a quote, both as an employee of the municipalized company that takes advantage of a certain agreement that would seem advantageous, and as an employee. which does not benefit from any facilities like any other potential funded. From a simple comparison, numbers in hand, it will be extremely easy to be able to determine the type and concreteness of the advantages they would have.

However, it is also recommended to search among online loans, proceeding with simple and quick requests for quotes on the web, many of which are communicated with immediate results. This allows you to immediately have a complete overview and also a reserve plan in the event that the bank or financial company “affiliated” should refuse the transfer request, given that when the number of employees financed is very high, it will be difficult to accept other subjects from finance. The solution is so very simple: either you act promptly or you look elsewhere.

How to Quickly and Easily Compare Two or More Loan Deals?


When we want to finance a project, although our head is more concerned with the project than with financing, it is important to know what we are hiring. In order to get the best offers and hire them responsibly, it is important to compare at least three financing offers. In this way we will be able to know the conditions that each entity offers us and choose the one that best suits us. In order to carry out an effective loan comparison, we must take into account the following parameters:

Factors to consider when comparing credits

Factors to consider when comparing credits

There are many factors that influence the price of a loan, therefore, there are many factors that we must take into account in order to compare effectively. The most important, among others, and those that will most affect the total cost of financing are the following:

  • TIN: the interest on the credit, which tells us the price we will pay the bank for lending us the money. However, it will not always be the only thing that we will pay in a credit.
  • Formalization fees: study and opening fees, the cost of which is between 1% and 3% of the requested money and which must be paid together with the first refund fee. These commissions will make the cost be between 100 and 300 dollars more for every 10,000 dollars.
  • Links: one of the expenses that are least taken into account, but which are of vital importance, are the costs associated with the linked products. If we are required to take out insurance, a credit card or a payroll account, these will have annual costs that we must include in the calculation of the total.
  • APR: finally, and not least, it is vital to look at APR. This percentage includes both the interest (TIN) of the loan, as well as other associated costs such as commissions and certain links. The average APR for consumer loans is 7.56%. Any loan with a lower APR will be considered a good offer.

All this information must appear clearly in the contract or in the personalized offer that the entity gives us in accordance with Law 16/2011, of June 24, on consumer credit contracts. If not, it is best to require the bank to provide it to us.

For easy comparison, better calculate each case

For easy comparison, better calculate each case

Although taking into account all the factors mentioned above is a good way to start comparing offers and know where to go, it is not the best way to compare between several personal loans.

The best way to compare between two or more financing offers is by simulating the loan that we want to contract. This is because the costs, fees and total vary according to the term and the amount that we request, how we negotiate or the purpose for which we want the money. What’s more, many entities directly include a loan simulator so that all this data can be taken into account at the same time.

The total cost of credit will be the fastest, most objective and most effective way of comparing the offer of credit that will be the cheapest.

The alternative to the finalized loan.

Getting a loan without a paycheck can be easier than you think, especially if you need small amounts to meet specific needs. Credit card financing can be obtained quite easily to purchase goods or services and to obtain liquidity.

There are two loan formulas by credit card: the classic balance credit card and the revolving card. Let’s see them together in detail.

Credit card balance: how it works and how to get it

Credit card balance: how it works and how to get it

This is the classic credit card, the so-called “balance card”; generally linked to a current account on which salaries, pensions or any other income are regularly credited in order to guarantee a sufficient deposit of money that can cover the credit limit granted.

The credit card on balance is in fact a sort of very short-term credit (max 45 days) because the sum of all purchases made during the month is usually charged on the 15th of the following month, without additional costs. We can therefore speak of a credit card loan. Obviously, the purchased goods are delivered immediately.

The revolving credit card

The revolving credit card

The revolving card represents a real form of credit card financing since it grants a financial availability even in the absence of capital deposited on the current account, with repayment in installments. If the card is used for shopping, the amount available decreases and the amount to be returned is paid in installments for the period agreed at the time of signing the contract.

The money returned through the monthly installments therefore replenishes the financed capital that can be reused. The main difference between a personal loan and a revolving credit card lies precisely in the fact that the amount is not disbursed all at once and that once reinstated it can be reused, and there is no need to make a loan request to every use.

Obviously, the facilitation of being able to pay in installments the sum that is lent also involves the payment of interest, usually very high, with a total of overall costs decidedly higher than those applied to other forms of financing. It is advisable to carefully consult the information sheets and view the final APR, in order to avoid nasty surprises.

It should also be added that failure to pay the due installments entails reporting as a “bad payer” in the various risk centers.

Loaning with revolving credit cards is therefore useful when you have to face sudden expenses to be repaid over short periods; numerous are the products offered by the various banks and financial companies, such as the Agree Bank Active Card in agreement with Euronics which relies on the Visa circuit or the Fine Bank Card which, on the other hand, uses the Mastercard circuit.

The best installment and immediate loans.

What are installment loans

What are installment loans

Installment loans represent a good instrument for those people who, for one reason or another, are looking for medium-term financing. There are endless reasons why someone might need money. For example, to get more comfortable at the end of the month, to face the payment of an unforeseen event, to repair the car, etc. As we see, situations can be diverse, and, most importantly, it can happen to anyone.

We are talking about installment loans because, in effect, these are amounts that will later have to be paid in installments. You may be wondering “how many deadlines?” However, there is no specific answer for this, since it will depend on each lender and its conditions. Of course, there is an aspect that is usually common to all of them in regards to loans to pay back in installments, and that is their periodicity.

This means that the payment of fees is generally monthly, although we can also find that the repayment is weekly, biweekly, quarterly or that they are loans to pay in 6 months, for example. It is not the most frequent, but it could be the case. Therefore, it is best to consult the conditions of online loans to pay in installments.

As for the amounts of the credits to be repaid in installments, these are usually medium. For this reason, they are suitable to be able to face expenses of various kinds, such as the payment of mini-vacations, some home renovation, signing up for a training course, etc. In this way, many families can breathe and make ends meet without so many inconveniences, and all this from the hand of highly flexible instruments such as loans to pay in installments.

Conditions of this financial product

Conditions of this financial product

If the financial amount you need is quite high, what interests you without a doubt are online installment loans. Thus, you will be able to return that amount comfortably in the terms that you have stipulated with your lender. On the contrary, if you only need a small amount, in most cases it will be more convenient to repay it in a single payment and thus you can quickly cancel your debt.

The conditions for quick loans to be repaid in months vary greatly from one lender to another. Not only in terms of terms, but also in amount, commissions, etc. Therefore, it is best to use an installment credit comparer like Across Lender. It is a very useful tool that allows you to find the financial product that best suits your interests. Thanks to its complete search engine, it is you who sets the conditions, that is, you decide how much money you need and in how many terms you want to pay it.

In general, quick loans to repay in months are loans to pay without payroll, which means that you do not have to be employed when applying for credit. They are products that are characterized by their flexibility and their requirements are not strict at all. Customers can request from 50 to 5,000 USD in most cases. The return period must be agreed with the lender: they can be several months and sometimes even up to 3 years. Everything will depend on the quantity requested and, of course, on the conditions of the company in question.

Requirements to request an installment loan

Requirements to request an installment loan

The requirements to request an installment credit are very easy to fulfill. For this reason, more and more families are opting for this financing formula. This is in contrast to the demands of traditional banks, so strict that they prevented everyone from accessing a loan. Furthermore, if there is a reason for distinguishing fast loans, it is because they represent the definitive solution to economic problems. There are those who consider them, in fact, one of the great advances of the 21st century.

At Across Lender you have the possibility to find the most interesting installment loans on the market, but remember that it is only a comparator, that is, you must consult the conditions and requirements with each lender. However, we can identify some common requirements for all entities to access mini installment loans, which are usually the following:

  • Being of legal age, that is, being over 18 years of age.
  • Have an updated and valid DNI.
  • Being the holder of a Spanish bank account.
  • Have a stable income. This does not mean that it is essential to have a payroll, but it does demonstrate certain financial solvency through an unemployment benefit, a retirement pension, etc.

As you can see, the requirements are very simple and allow anyone, regardless of their personal, work or financial situation, to access the loans to be repaid in installments. It is enough to fulfill these conditions to immediately enjoy the money you need. Remember that Across Lender operates with those entities that offer the maximum guarantees and more facilities to their clients.

Advantages of quick installment loans

Advantages of quick installment loans

Currently, more and more people are encouraged to apply for loans online, especially due to the simplicity of this route, both during the application and when it comes to repayment. Let’s see some of the advantages of installment loans.

  • You can request a medium and even high amount. This means that if a payment has arisen that you did not expect, you can face it with the tranquility and comfort that these credits provide. You don’t have to explain why you need the money. Just choose the amount you require and the return period and keep your commitment to pay the installments in the agreed time.
  • They are fast paperless credits. One of the biggest obstacles families who want to get financing face is the paperwork. And is that, a few years ago, applying for a loan was synonymous with endless paperwork and long queues and waiting. Fortunately, things have changed and to take advantage of fast loans to pay in installments, it is enough to have a valid ID, a bank account and a document proving stable income. Nothing else. They are documents that everyone has on hand and can be obtained in a few minutes.
  • It doesn’t matter that you’re unemployed. If you don’t have a job now and you don’t have payroll, don’t worry because microloans are for you, too.
  • They are very fast. Immediacy is one of the main qualities of these credits. First, the application takes a few minutes. Also, normally within 24 hours and if everything is in order, you could receive the money in your bank account to start enjoying it as soon as possible. As you can see, urgent solutions for urgent needs.
  • They are within everyone’s reach. The absence of severe requirements makes it possible for anyone to access a loan, regardless of their financial situation.

Installment loans with Financial Credit Institution

Installment loans with Asnef

Sometimes life does not happen exactly how we would like and circumstances can lead you to appear on a list of defaulters such as Financial Credit Institution. The National Association of Financial Credit Institutions is a credit bureau that allows its members to check if a credit applicant is a debtor with the aim of minimizing the risk that could be derived from this transaction.

Being listed in the Financial Credit Institution, then, implies that the user has debts and is more than enough reason for many banks to deny their loan request. The good news is that there are other lending companies that do allow long-term loans with Financial Credit Institution. What does this mean? Well, even if you appear on a list of defaulters, you can also access financing.

Generally, these are small loans that do not exceed 1,000 USD. Installment loans with Financial Credit Institution offer all the facilities even in the most difficult situations and are perfect for unforeseen and / or urgent expenses.

If you find yourself in a database of bad debts, there is no doubt that the best option is to request money through loans with Financial Credit Institution. There you can compare between the different entities until you find the one that meets the best conditions.

Differences between installment loans and personal loans

Differences between installment loans and personal loans

In the field of online credits we find various products. To help you better understand how quick installment loans work, take a look at this comparison with standard personal credit. We have selected five variables:

  • TAE. How the term of the loan influences the interest rate is one of the most frequent doubts of all clients. To answer this question, you have to resort to the Annual Equivalent Rate. In general, the APR of long-term loans with installments is usually lower than those loans whose repayment is made in a single payment.
  • Deadlines. Credits that are repaid in installments often offer longer repayment periods than a standard microloan. To understand what a long-term loan is, it should be noted that it allows a repayment period from 3 months to several years. In contrast, a personal loan usually offers at most one month to pay back.
  • Amounts. The amounts of the loans in the installment modality are usually higher, precisely because the payment can be divided. What’s more, these kinds of loans are seen as an intermediate solution between instant loans and mortgages.
  • Speed ​​of the process. It is true that fast long-term loans are an effective and immediate solution to financial needs. But it is also true that the process could be a little slower than in the case of personal loans because they require less paperwork.
  • Ease of application. Because they are higher amounts, the requirements for installment loans are often more demanding. Of course, long-term loans without payroll, without endorsement and with Financial Credit Institution are a reality and are also available to anyone. It is best to check the conditions of each lender.

Are these types of products safe?

Are these types of products safe?

Are the credits with installment returns totally reliable? How will long-term loans affect accounting? These are just some of the questions that may come to all of us at some point in our minds. And it is that sometimes seeing so many facilities may lead us to think that something so good cannot be true.

However, it is reassuring to know that the comparator Across Lender only works with verified lenders. Across Lender is one of the comparators with the best personal loans and credits in Spain and, in fact, its maxims are transparency and clarity. Knowing these data, you will be sure that requesting a credit through these companies that are linked in one way or another to this platform is completely safe.

It is true that there are many scams and fraudulent practices in the loan environment. So if you want to have no scare when requesting your credit to return in installments, the most recommended thing is to put yourself in the best hands, and that inevitably happens by trusting places with great experience such as Across Lender. Enter now and compare to get money fast and easy!